Chess as an intellectual sport

Chess as an intellectual sport: How to make money playing chess at a professional level

Originally, chess was a simple game to have a good time and develop the ability to think logically. However, with each passing year they have been gaining popularity, and now it has come to the point where there is an eternal debate as to whether it is a game or a sport after all. Each side has its own arguments and arguments, but if chess is recognized as a professional sport, it will be much easier to organize competitions and tournaments on it. There are many professional players in this direction, who even have sponsors. And since many professional players want not only to be able to play their favorite game, but also to earn money from it, in 2023 many bookmakers began to offer the opportunity to play chess on their platform for real money rewards. And here it does not matter whether you are a player or someone who wants to bet on the result of the game, everyone will be able to take the winnings for themselves and enjoy their time. 

Chess is a sport 

And yet, many people are inclined to the fact that chess is a sport, and there is evidence for all this, which you can familiarize yourself with below.

  • Chess has unified rules that apply all over the world, there is even an anti-doping policy in place
  • The most basic goal of the game “chess” is to win over your opponent, so chess has a competitive slant. 
  • Physical and mental activity is also present in chess, in order to play a game you need to keep yourself in shape, some professional chess players hire special trainers and nutritionists, which is practically relevant as in any other sport. 
  • 1999 Olympic Committee recognized chess as one of the sports activities 
  • There are national chess federations in a number of countries 
  • There is an international rating of chess players based on skill level and achievements

Rules of Chess

Each player gets figures that he can move strategically. The main object of the game is to get a check mate, which means that the opponent’s king can not move in any direction without being slain. Each player gets a king, a queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights and 8 pawns. Pawns can only move forward and defeat the other player’s figures diagonally. Knight can move 2 squares forward and 1 either left or right. Rooks can only move in a straight line, whereas bishops can only move diagonally. Seems like the pattern is easy, however, each turn must be thoroughly thought about in order to give the opponent a disadvantage while having the advantage yourself. The game ends as soon as one of the players gets a checkmate.

World names in chess 

World names in chess 

Throughout the history of the game of chess there are a huge number of champions and champion women whose names are forever recorded in world history and whose tactics can still be taken as an example. Emanuel Lasker, Jose Raul Capablanca, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov, the Polgar sisters, Viswanathan Anand, Magnus Carlsen, all of them are excellent chess players who have repeatedly taken prizes at world championships and thanks to them, chess is such a famous sport. 

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Online chess tournaments 

Today, even if you play chess at a good level you have the opportunity to earn money from it. Many bookmakers hold online tournaments in which anyone can take part, and for the fact that you take the prize-winning places you can get a cash reward. Some of these tournaments are held in agreement with the International Chess Federation. On the portal competitions are held every day and there is an opportunity to qualify for an offline tournament to fight against the strongest grandmasters.  

Chess Betting Live

In order to get the best chance of winning your bets on chess, it is highly recommended to place bets on chess in live mode. The live mode at bookmakers allows you to watch how the match is going while it is going. Seems like a simple concept, but in chess betting, it helps by a lot. For example, it is hard to earn money from chess since the match can turn 180 at any point in time, and since you are not watching the game in live mode, you will not find out about it. However, the live mode fixes that problem easily, since you will be able to see the flow of each turn of each player. 


Is chess suitable for earning money?

Absolutely. Chess is as much of a sport as soccer, basketball or hockey, therefore, most bookmakers provide you with bets on chess that you can place.

Are bets on chess difficult to understand?

Not at all. Unlike other sports, chess has very simple and intuitive betting markets, such as the winner of the match, tournament winner etc. Therefore, they are quite easy to understand and place.

Do tournaments make a difference in earning money from chess?

Each tournament has its own value, therefore, the better the tournament – the higher the potential earnings you may get.