The evolution of chess from boards to browsers

The evolution of chess from boards to browsers

Chess is a really old game that has always been popular, and today, it’s the same. Each year, many chess tournaments are hosted, where people with the best strategic minds and will to win are competing for the title of the best. However, as we live in the era of modern technology, they allow us to play chess not only in real life, but by using online services as well. Today, there are hundreds of various services that offer you various options for playing chess, such as beginner chess, intermediate and professional chess. And since there are so many options to choose from online, it means that you can start earning money from playing chess without leaving your house. 

The mechanics of Online-Chess platforms

When it comes to the mechanics of online-chess, things are not as complicated as they seem at first glance. The thing is, online-chess is actually absolutely similar to real life chess, with the only difference that you will be playing in front of your computer or via your mobile device. The rules do not change in any way, and the timer for your turn will still be present.

Online-chess platforms first require you to create an account in order to be able to play. Once you do, you can pick from various gameplay modes, such as rapid chess, blitz and bullet games. Most of the time, online-chess platforms will pick an opponent for you based on your rating, otherwise known as Elo and Glicko ratings. These ratings give you points for winning and take away points for losing, giving you your average rating which you will be able to improve if you win more than you lose. 

Unlike real chess, however, online-chess platforms allow you to use various tools for improving your skill. Of course, these tools will not be available in a real match, but in practice mode, they will work flawlessly. For example, the platform may analyze the matches you played previously, and show you your turns where your decisions were definitely not the best.

And last, online-chess platforms absolutely prohibit cheating. Some chess players think that online-chess platforms do not have any means of protection from cheating, but it is quite the opposite. As soon as the platform understands that you are using software or any other means to gain an unfair advantage – your profile with your rating will be banned forever.

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Ways to Earn Money on Online-Chess platforms

Now that you know the most basic information regarding online-chess platforms, you may be wondering how you can start gaining profit from your chess skill. There are multiple ways to do, which are described below.

Tournament participation

The first and probably the most obvious way to earn money from using online-chess platforms is to take part in the tournaments that the platform hosts. Most of the time, these tournaments have rewards such as funds or physical commodities that can be useful for you, therefore, you will not only be able to have fun, but will also be able to gain decent profit.


Another way to earn money from online-chess is to place bets on it. You may not play the game yourself, but you can bet on other popular players and check your knowledge about these players. For example, many bookmakers offer the same tournaments for betting as online-chess platforms host for participating, therefore, why not try your luck and place a bet on your well-known chess partner?

Streaming Chess

Last, but not least, a good and reliable way to earn money from online-chess is to stream the game. Streaming means that you will be broadcasting how you play your matches while also communicating with your viewers. This will not only make the experience more interesting and profitable, but may also let you get new friends or comrades. 

Strategies for Earning Money from Online-Chess

Strategies for Earning Money from Online-Chess

It would certainly be a good decision to use some strategies in case you are determined to start earning money from using online-chess platforms. Follow the next tips:

  • Adapt to the time controls. Chess has 3 time variations – Blitz, Bullet and Rapid. The difference between them is the amount of time you are given to think about your next move on your turn. For example, rapid chess lets you have an overall thinking time of 10 minutes in the whole match, while bullet chess reduces that amount significantly;
  • Use the tools that the platform offers. As we have previously mentioned, online-chess platforms offer different tools for learning more about the game and changing your playstyle. Since the platform offers you a free opportunity to improve – make sure to use it;
  • Practice a lot. Just like in any other sport, in chess, practice makes perfect. With good practice, it will be easier for you to predict the potential next moves of your opponent and outsmart them by showing good strategic decisions.


Online-chess platforms these days are a great option in all means. It allows you to have fun while playing your favorite game, as well as become better by using different tools. And of course, thanks to various tournaments, you may also earn some money and improve your overall rating.