Chess online review

Game review

Chess appeared more than 1,500 years ago and is considered one of the oldest board games. Chess originally appeared in India and was called “Chaturanga”, then this game spread all over the continent and was extremely popular among the rich strata of the population. In the process of spreading the game was constantly improved, new rules appeared. In the process of spreading across Europe, the rules that determined the further path of the game and became the main “classical” rules of the game began to form.

In the process of spreading the game, chess clubs were formed where players could study the rules and compete with each other. The first open international chess tournament can be considered to be the 1575 tournament in Madrid. Over time, national chess teams began to be formed, which over time gained immense popularity.  Chess tournaments were very popular all over the world, and people from almost every country in the world competed for the title of champion. 

For example, such outstanding players became world chess champions as:

  • Adolf Andersen;
  • Paul Morphy;
  • Wilhelm Steinitz;
  • Johann Zuckertort;
  • Emanuel Lasker and many others.

It is worth noting that although the list contains many names who were the best chess players, the first world chess champion who officially held the title was Wilhelm Steinitz. Chess became internationally recognised and popular among both players and spectators. All chess tournaments had spectators who bet on the victory of their favourite player. This is how the first bets on this game appeared.

Gaming platforms

Gaming platforms

Thanks to the development of information technology, betting has become possible through gambling platforms. You can bet on chess tournaments using your mobile phone or computer. Due to its popularity, the game is present on almost all known gambling platforms. You can place your bets on any platform you like.

There are the following betting platforms:

  • 1xBet;
  • 1Win;
  • Winline;
  • Betera;
  • Bet-Boom;
  • Fonbet;
  • Grand Sport;
  • MostBet;
  • Favbet and many others.

The platforms presented in the list are almost identical to each other in functionality. The only difference between them are bonuses and the number of tournaments in this discipline. You can go to the platforms yourself and familiarise yourself with the list of bonuses and available tournaments for betting.

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Rules of the game

The game is played on a board that has certain fields (square boxes of different colours). The size of the board is determined by the number of squares 8 vertically and 8 horizontally. Vertical squares are named with letters of the latin alphabet, and horizontal squares with numbers. On the board are also spread chess pieces, which have their own functionality. Each of the pieces has certain functions and rules of the game. The board and the pieces are coloured in different colours (advantage black and white), which determines the presence of two opposing teams. At the beginning of the game players have the same set of pieces, differing only by colour. The main task of the game is to perform an action called “checkmate”, which suggests a situation in which the king piece is under “check” and can do nothing to avoid getting into a dangerous situation. Usually there is a combination of “check” and then “checkmate”.

In order to achieve victory, the player plays the rest of the pieces according to strict rules. There are the following pieces and the rules by which they move:

KingMoves to a neighbouring square vertically, horizontally or diagonally
QueenMoves any distance vertically, horizontally or diagonally (This piece is located next to the king piece and has the greatest functionality in terms of moves than other pieces)
KnightMoves two squares vertically and then one square horizontally, or vice versa (Visually, you can determine that the knight moves with the letter “L”)
RookMoves any distance vertically or horizontally (Located on the sides of the playing field)
BishopWalks any distance diagonally (It is worth noting that there are 2 bishops on the playing field for each team. The bishop figure can walk diagonally only on one certain colour of game cells, namely on the colour on which it is initially located)
PawnCan walk only forward (In case the pawn moves the last gorezonal square of the board, the player has the right to replace it with any piece convenient for him)

As you can see figures do have certain functions and rules. It should also be noted that these pieces beat other pieces (remove them from the board) only if the opponent’s pieces stand in the course of the pieces’ movement. However, there are exceptions, so the pawn piece beats other pieces only diagonally. You can read more about the rules of the game and the functionality of the pieces on the gambling platforms before you start betting.

Chess tournaments

Chess tournaments

The main events for chess betting are international tournaments. Gambling platforms follow the world events in this discipline, so that every player can bet on his favourite player and thus support him.

The main tournaments for this game are: 

  • World Chess Championship;
  • Tournaments under the aegis of FIDE;
  • Chess Olympiads;
  • European Chess Championship.

This list is not definitive, there are other events for betting. It should also be noted that there are both individual competitions where the game is played between two people and team chess competitions.

Game predictions

After the game of chess has become popular among the betting public. Various methods and ways of determining the winner began to appear. So many players analyse the player’s match histories, including information about previous matches with a future opponent and their results. Other players use various mathematical forms and algorithms to determine the winner.

The most popular way of determining the winner of a game is through qualitative analyses of the player, which involves collecting information such as, for example:

  1. Matches played and their results (Statistics);
  2. Reviewing a player’s matches and determining strategies for the player’s behaviour (Strategy);
  3. Gathering information about the player’s preparation for the tournament.

This list is not final and may be supplemented. It should also be noted that some players bet on higher odds without analysing such information. When betting on higher odds, there is a huge risk of losing, but at the same time, if the player wins, the amount of the bet can increase several dozen times.